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So I created a new website dedicated to those that love to play slots (either for fun or for real money) online. The site is still under development but is growing by the day with lots of new information on casinos and slots. It has a forum too where discussion can be had.

The link to the site is: but it can also be accessed through and

Please take a look and I see you over there!

When a website all about opinions accuses their readers of being opinionated

We’re talking about here, and specifically a comment made by one of their owners accusing those that wished to discuss why the forum associated to the website wasn’t getting many posts as being “opinionated”.

I find it rather ironic that a website that was set up to ask for opinions about hotels and resorts accuses those that contribute as “opinionated” when what they express may not be what the owners want to hear.

It is also a sad state of affairs that staff of the website is doing all that is possible to defend themselves that it wasn’t them deleting a topic, but rather the owner of the website. It appears very much to be the case of a them and us situation. You would have thought that both staff and owners would be singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak.

The problem, Chris Brown, is that not for the first time you have been rude to the visitors of your website. Visitors that you appear to be seeing as a burden rather than an asset. Visitors that were concerned rather than opinionated. As somebody with a degree of wealth it may have come to a surprise to you that being wealthy doesn’t automatically earn you respect. You need to earn and maintain that respect, and insulting your members and visitors is a sure fire way of losing them.

So if you’re opinionated then perhaps is not the best medium to share your opinions about a hotel or resort that you visited.

Tripadvisor at it again – Dreams Punta Cana explosion removal of posts

On the 10th May 2014 an explosion occurred at the Dreams Punta Cana resort.

It was reported by tourists staying at the resort that guests were hurt because of a gas leak in one of the restaurants. A large number of windows were blown out and the ceiling collapsed.

We all know that accidents can and do happen but the way the resort dealt with the aftermath leaves a lot to be desired. Rather than telling the truth, the resort (owned by AMResorts – an American Company) publicly stated on both Tripadvisor and their Facebook page that the damage to the restaurant happened because of wind. The hotel also downplayed the extend of the reported injuries of the guests that were hurt.

In turn, Tripadvisor has deleted all of the posts on their Punta Cana forum that were referring to this accident.

Both AMResorts and Tripadvisor’s behaviour around this are disgusting. Travellers should be aware of the behaviour of Dreams Punta Cana following the accident. The cover up and the lack of care they owe to their guests immediately following the accident should raise cause for concern and should be taken into account when deciding to stay in one of their resorts.

AMResorts property names are: Zoetry, Secrets, Breathless, Dreams, Now and Sunscape and operate also in Mexico.

Shame on Tripadvisor too for – yet again – looking after the interest of one of their advertisers rather than the public they are supposed to serve.

Another two incidents caught on camera

Another day, another incident or two captured on my Blackvue camera.

This time, early morning and my commute to work. First off, I spotted a cyclist that appeared to be sticking to the rules of the road for a change. But that didn’t last very long as the clip will show.

Thinking that this must be it for the day, just moments later another numpty pulling a stunt that almost resulted in an accident. Watch the reversing lights carefully towards the end of the clip:

I have quite a few more clips to retrieve from the camera that I will upload after Easter.

In the meantime, please like the video on Youtube or place a comment here on this blog. You too must have seen bad drivers, cyclists or pedestrians?

Dashcam footage – lucky girl

So I was travelling from work to Hoddesdon the other day. Not too long into the journey I was approaching a pedestrian crossing. The light was showing green, so I proceeded, keeping within the speed limit of 30mph.

You can see for yourself what happened:

As the title says, one lucky girl! It was a very close call.

I will post more dash cam videos over the next few days showing some antics by motorists. Seriously, I am not deliberately seeking out these situations – they just happen on my day to day travelling.

Blackvue dashboard camera

So I decided to treat myself to a brand new Blackvue dashboard camera.

I settled for the DR500GW model and ordered a bigger mini SD card to go with it.

it arrived within the week and was packaged very well.

After inserting the mini SD card into the camera and powering it up, the device installs the necessary software and is good to go.

I also downloaded the app from the Google playstore and installed it onto my Android phone. The handy app allows a “live” view of the camera, playback of the clips stored as well as changing all of the setting of the camera remotely.

So far I am impressed with it and recommend the camera.

I will be posting some videos in later posts.

The Mark Duggan verdict

So a Jury selected from ordinary citizens of England has decided that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by V53, the police officer that was in the unfortunate position to have to pull the trigger because he had an honest held belief that his life was in danger.

One would have thought that this would be end of the matter.

But the Duggan family and their supporters think different. They cried out for an inquest by Jury and are now not happy with their conclusion and will fight until they presumably get the conclusion they so desperately want.

Some of those supporters (that is you Stafford Scott) are bringing the race card to the table. But this whole incident has nothing to do with race. Duggan got shot not because of the colour of his skin but because he stupidly decided it was a good idea to get a gun and travel across London with it. When apprehended by the police, he decided to throw the gun away and then made a movement that was perceived as a threat.

The cold hard fact of this case is that if Duggan was not involved with guns he would still be alive.

Rather than hold a vigil outside Tottenham police station, perhaps the family and supporters ought to address the “community” and bang it into their heads that guns and gang culture lead to awful things. Duggan paid the ultimate price for mixing within this culture.

There are no lessons to be learned other than that if you mix with guns it will end in tears.

How to enjoy a spam free phpBB3 forum

It appears that the last solution on the honeypot forum has done the trick. No spam bots have registered an account for 9 days.

The solution is very simple to programme into your phpBB3 forum and makes use of the question/answer module already available to prevent these spambots making an account via automatic means. It is not, of course, going to stop manual spam accounts being created.

The first step is to open the file named captcha_qa,html in the respective template directory of the style that is in use on your forum. Then simply change this line:



<label><a href='http://name of your site/question.html' target='_new'>CLICK HERE</a> for the code to enter:</label><span>{L_CONFIRM_QUESTION_EXPLAIN}</span>

ensuring that the name of your site is inserted.

As far as the programming is concerned, all that is remaining is to create a html file called question.html containing this code:

<font size="6">gH22IUas!3</font>

<input type="button" value="Close this window" onclick="self.close()">

making sure that the code that is to be inserted as the answer is contained. This code is to, preferably, contain a mixture of numbers and ordinary and special characters. Upload the html file into the root directory of your site.

In order for it all to work correctly is to enable to question and answer module through the admin panel of the phpBB3 software and to make sure that the cache is refreshed. Please ensure that the code that is displayed on the question.html page is inserted as the answer on the phpBB3 admin page.

The question.html page can be amended to suit your needs. You can, for example, display a number of codes with the one to be selected displayed in a different colour or for it to be marked in a different way.

The solution that has been given here has worked for my honeypot forum. The forum has now served its need and has been deleted from the server.

Honeypot Forum – update on the last stage

It has now been 4 days since the last stage of the honeypot forum has been invoked and with the new strategy it appears that the spam bots have finally been beaten.

To date there have been no registrations by the bots.

Will give it a few more days to see if that is indeed the case or if I shouted too early.

The programming solution that is currently in place to stop the spam bots will be revealed at a later stage for every reader to use on their phpBB forum.

Margaret Thatcher – RIP

The death of ex Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has, once again, devided the Country.

Loathed by those whose policies influenced their lives in a negative way and seen as a hero by those who did well when she was in power.

There is no doubt that she was not always right in what she did and that mistakes were made. But to ignore the good things that she did is not being realistic about what Thatcher achieved.

When Thatcher came to power, there were certain issues that needed sorting. The Unions had too much power and the holding the Country to ransom had to stop. With determination she achieved this. It was a bloody war that created many innocent victims. Victims that were were used as cannon fodder by the Unions to further their own agendas.

She should have realised that by closing the mines, communities that were dependent on those mines would suffer and should have put measures in place to assist these communities.

Thatcher stopped Europe being the bully boy and stood up. She negotiated the rebate that this Country still is benefiting from.

The Poll Tax wasn’t the best of her ideas and ultimately led to her demise. The decision was quickly reversed by John Major via the Council Tax.

But what can’t be said is that Thatcher did not have the determination and gut to tackle a problem, something that has sadly been missing from subsequent leaders of the Country.

RIP Margaret Thatcher – loathed by some, loved by others.

The honey pot forum – a further update

Just six days after the last update, the number of registrations and posts have gone through the roof on the spam forum.

A total of 173 spam bots registered and activated their account. In addition to that, a total of 60 registered but didn’t bother to activate it. A total of 37 posts were made on the forum.

The conclusion is an easy one to make: the question and answer attempt to block the spam bots does not work. In fairness, the question asked wasn’t difficult to answer.

The slate has been wiped clean, once again, and the next stage of the honey pot has now started in earnest.

Time will tell whether to new measure has the desired effect.

The spam honey pot forum – Stage 2

It is now time to start stage 2 of the experiment on the honey pot forum.

But before doing so, here at the statistics for stage 1. As a reminder, stage 1 was a bog standard phpBB3 forum with the standard captcha supplied with the software.

  • Total number of posts made: 22
  • Total number of spambots that activated their account: 74
  • Total number of spambots that did not activate their account: 28

These are quite impressive numbers considering that the forum has not been advertised at all. The only link to the forum is the one provided here.

Stage 2 has now been activated by means of a not too difficult question that needs answering before an account can be created. The question is “what is the Capital city of the United Kingdom”.

I will, as always, provide regular updates to see if this question makes it more difficult for these bots to register an account.

Mick Philpott and the benefits system

It has been widely commented by the media about the remarks that George Osborne – the Chancellor of the Exchequer – made in relation to the sentencing of Mick Philpott who, with his wife and a friend, killed six of their children by deliberately setting fire to his house in order to get custody of his other 5 children by his ex mistress.

Mr Osborne made it pretty clear that only Mr Philpott was responsible for the death of these kids but that Mr Philpott was an example of why the benefit system needs reform. Some media have made the link that all people on benefits are like Mr Philpott. That is not what Mr Osborne said at all.

It is true that there is an abuse of the benefits system in the UK. It is also true that, financially, the welfare system can’t be sustained any longer. There is not enough money in the pot to make “living on benefits” a life style choice, something that the Prime Minister has commented on only today.

And he is right. The welfare system was set up as something to fall back on in times of need. It was never meant to take care of a person from cradle to grave.

Going back to Mr Philpott. Having 17 children would have meant 17 times child allowance. That is just too much. A cap on the number of child allowance claims, to say two per household, would be a sensible solution. If more than 2 children are wanted by a family, then surely the expense of bringing up these children should be firmly down to that family and not down to the state.

The sense of entitlement to benefits, which appears to be the norm these days, has got to change. If it is not, I can foresee the collapse of the whole benefit system which will result in those needing it (rather than wanting it) being left out.

The spam honey pot forum

A further update on the forum that was especially set up to see how many spam visitors it will attract.

To date, a total of 31 bots have signed up and activated their account. In addition to that, 10 of them registered but couldn’t be asked to activate the account.

A total of 15 posts were made onto the forum, all of them will never ever be shown to the world which defeats – of course – the object of these pests joining and attempting to display their rubbish to all and sundry.

What is of interest is the large number of posts made in the non English language. The posts appear to be in Russian and all of them include links to websites which are bound to be less than safe to visit.

I will continue for another week with the current format, after which the ante will slightly increase with another form of “bot prevention”. It should still be easy to break though so it will be interesting to see what the numbers look like a further two weeks from then.

Check back soon on further progress updates!

Update on the spam honeypot forum

Just two days in and a total of 8 spambots have registered onto the forum. Of these eight bots, 5 have activated their account whilst the other 3 have not bothered doing so.

A total of 2 posts were made. One was about some sort of drug obtainable in Russia and the other one in a language not known to me containing a number of links. Naturally, I have not begun to attempt clicking on them as – quite frankly – I don’t know what kind of nasties can be picked up by doing this.

The forum has not been advertised at all. The only links available to it are within this blog. I dread to think the number of these pests that would have registered had it been a heavily advertised or well known forum.

Will keep all readers informed about how the numbers have changed in the next few days.